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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Why is WGT now charging when they have been a free service since inception in 2017?
    Our dedicated matchmakers generously volunteer their time however with experience, we now need to ensure our clients are as committed as we are to helping them find their life partner.
  • 2. How will the registration fee be spent?
    It will spent on the new WGT social media campaign to find more eligible registrants. Also on managing the WGT database to ensure that it only holds committed clients.
  • 3. Can I be guaranteed a match after my interview?
    No, as although we spend focused time with each new client to understand what they are looking for and discussing potential matches that align, both parties need to be in agreement for a match to be made.
  • 4. Will my registration fee be refunded if I’m not found a match?
    No, not once we have interviewed you and completed your profile form. We will continue to look for an appropriate match for you so long as you choose to stay on our database.
  • 5. Why should I register with WGT?
    We are ‘not for profit’. We maintain communication personally, we ask, we listen and we have experience. We have been told that we spend more time talking to our clients than any other Jewish matchmaking service. Our dedicated and trustworthy volunteer matchmakers genuinely want to help each client find their life partner.
  • 6. Any other questions...
    Please contact us directly on

No computers, no swiping, no algorithms simply good old fashioned ‘face to face’ conversations

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