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Contact Procedure

  • Volunteers of We Go Together (WGT) are bound by a confidentiality agreement 

  • People wishing to use the services of WGT (Respondents) must register via the website registration page. Submission of their request to register confirms their acceptance of WGT Terms and Conditions, privacy policy and (this) Contact Procedure.

  • Respondents may express a preference for communication via email or telephone or both.

  • Registration means that a respondents telephone, email and date of birth details are received and stored securely at our central registration. A Respondents data is not shared with any third party

  • Our Central registration will categorise people in to two groups:

       Group 1

        Men aged up to 45 and women aged up to 40

       Group 2

        Men aged over 45 and women aged over 40

  • Each group is administered by a different WGT Volunteer who has a team of other WGT volunteers answerable to them and who conduct face to face interviews with all respondents.

  • No WGT volunteer will conduct an interview unless the respondents contact details has been passed to them by a group administrator thus ensuring all respondents register via the website and accept the WGT terms of business.

  • If a respondent wishes to withdraw at any stage the WGT volunteer dealing with that respondent must send notification by email to the group head who will ensure that all the respondents personal data is completely removed from the secure data base.

  • All Interviews will be conducted face to face. Details of that interview are recorded on the WGT profile forms. All forms will either be scanned, uploaded to the secure data base and destroyed or kept under lock and key in accordance with GDPR requirements.

  • Respondents will be expected to give their interviewer a photograph which they accept will be shown to a prospective match partner and/or prospective match partners.

  • The WGT Questionnaire will be uploaded on to the secure WGT Data Base and accessible only by WGT Volunteers who are bound by a confidentiality agreement and NDA

  • A respondent may wish to contact the WGT Volunteer who conducted the interview with their proposed match.

  • Matching is done within a 10-15 year age range. That is to say that a 50 year old person may be matched with someone between the ages of 40 to 60 years old but taking in to account a respondents age range requirements.

  • Matching is done initially on the compatibility between the values a respondent has matching with the values sought by another respondent.

  • We will seek permission from both parties to agree to be put in contact by their chosen communication; email or mobile. 

  • We will suggest the man contacts the lady.

  • The man will be given 48 hours to make contact with the lady. The committee member responsible for the match will get in touch to see whether a date has been made.

  • Both participants in this match should provide feed back within 48 hours of the first meeting to establish if further meetings are likely.

  • Feelings from both parties need to be respected. WGT uses its reasonable judgement on accepting respondents onto its secure data base but cannot be held accountable for individuals behaviour during or at anytime after an introduction.

  • Further introductions will be made if the match has not been successful and the participants share further values with other responders.

  • If a respondent fails to make contact repeatedly and fails to make contact with a committee member to provide an explanation WeGoTogether reserves the right to assume that respondent no longer wises to utilise its' services and will therefore remove that persons details from the database.

  • WGT does not guarantee that a pairing will be made as values must be shared. Pairing is at the absolute discretion of WGT who does not tolerate abuse of any individuals. 

  • WGT retains the right at all times to either not accept a respondents request to register or remove a respondents details from its’ database.

  • All data held by WGT is done so in accordance with The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018.

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