About Us

Looking for values-compatibility in a potential partner is a positive approach towards building a relationship based on a deep sense of shared purpose. However, the type of personal information exchanged when dating is often very superficial. Shared interests may be important but they are not a sign of long-term compatibility nor will they sustain a relationship through challenging times.

Rabbi Dr Naftali Brawer took the techniques he developed over the many years of work he did with organisations, helping them articulate their values and began applying them to the pre-marriage courses he leads jointly with his wife Dina. If values can be so central to the health of an organisation, wouldn't the same be true of a marriage? 

We Go Together offers a completely free of charge introduction service for members of the UK Jewish community aged between 30 and 78. After registering you will be invited to arrange a very informal meeting and conversation with one of our committee members. Then, over a cup of coffee, we will talk about the type of person you would like to meet. We use Rabbi Dr Brawer's techniques to help us really understand you in a non-invasive way. With the help of a deck of 'values cards' we can have some fun and at the same time dig deeply into your core value system. We realise that while shared values are no guarantee of compatibility in all areas of a relationship, they are nonetheless a significant element that is often overlooked. 


And that's it! No computers, no swiping, no algorithms just good old fashioned, face to face conversations. There will always be the intangible chemistry (which no matchmaker can account for) but what we are trying to do is introduce a deeper dimension to the dating process, to give it a greater chance of success. This method should eliminate gross incompatibility and provide a solid basis on which a couple may go on to build a meaningful relationship.