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A positive approach towards building a relationship based on a deep sense of shared values and purpose. If values can be so central to the health of an organisation, wouldn’t the same be true of a marriage? We match lifestyles, aspirations, hobbies, religious practice and values.


Introduction Service

After registering you will be invited to arrange an informal meeting with one of our committee member matchmakers. The conversation will be to complete your in depth profile and continue the matching process. This meeting may be over the telephone or via video call. Your allocated matchmaker will be your point of contact throughout.

Unique Methodology

Occasionally we may enlist  the help of a deck of ‘values cards’ with which we delve into your core value system. We realise that while shared values are no guarantee of compatibility in all areas of a relationship, they are nonetheless a significant element that is often overlooked.             

No computers, no swiping, no algorithms simply good old fashioned ‘face to face’ conversations


We are ready to help you meet your match

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